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What UWC means to me

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“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education,” Mark Twain puts it so felicitously. Education is not just about the conventional classroom teaching. In order to learn and grow, you need the freedom to explore, experience and experiment. This freedom, however, requires us to be vulnerable and to let ourselves out there, bare and naked. Being vulnerable isn’t very easy and it requires a suitable, challenging, and supportive environment.

For me, this is exactly what UWC is. A place where you are free to explore your curiosity and develop new passions; where you have an endorsing, encouraging, and friendly environment which allows you to exercise your freedom to the fullest; where you can excel in academics, not just through books, but also by practical application.

It is a place where you can let your brain and soul wander freely. It is a bubble with a plethora of opportunities waiting to be unearthed. No one is confined or caged here. Instead one is encouraged to spread wings and fly high.

Additionally, there lies a strong academic focus which keeps students motivated and on track. The diverse and interesting list of subjects allows for a holistic development. Sometimes a particularly engaging subject can lead to one of the most fun parts of the life at a UWC: the highly insightful conversations with amazingly inquisitive people. Students and faculty often discuss interesting ranging from, but not limited to, politics, environment, feminism to gender, sexuality, and racism.

Students arrive at UWC with pre-conceived ideas or opinions about people, nations, cultures and much more. We all carry these with us, and maybe only discover many of them when we are suddenly placed in a multicultural community. But as we start mingling with this extremely heterogeneous student body, all these notions change, and we take off the wool over our eyes and begin to see things clearly.

Yet all of these people, people who have experienced a journey like no other, are what make this community so fantastic. Students between the ages of 16-18 work hard, are committed and passionate, and really want to be here at UWC.

So, if you want to dig deeper into your passions and curiosities, explore new opportunities, and challenge yourself academically and socially: Apply!

A little about Atul

I come from the famous place of mouth-watering snacks and the land of Rajputs, Bikaner in Rajasthan. I have lived in the Bikaner District for 16 years and studied in the Army Public school, Bikaner – a CBSE affiliated co-ed school.  My family is socially affluent, but economically not very sound. 

Before coming to UWC, I wasn’t happy with the kind of education I was receiving, even though it was the best possible in the city. I yearned for deep learning, something more than just cramming, politically charged and heavily biased textbooks. I longed for the freedom to explore and the opportunity to experience something new. This desire made me apply for UWC as soon as I got to know about it from an English daily.
However, before UWC, I have been academically quite active. As I am not very interested in sports, I took part in all other activities I could, such as intra-school and inter-school quizes and competitions. Also, on my own, I have been exploring and embracing the history of my place, from the prehistory to the Colonial Raj.
– Atul Vyas
(UWCMC ’16)
Rajasthan, India
For those interested in applying to UWC, please click here.

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