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Volunteer for Reunion 2015!

24th Mar 2015 by Maria Charles - , (1) Comment

A message from the 2015 Reunion Organizers

Reunion is just about 4 months away. Are you ready for this view?

UWC Mahindra College Reunion

The view from the campus 10 Years Ago


Preparations are kicking off and we want class volunteers to be in charge of running the show with the Advancement Office’s support so we get the reunion we want! Please indicate a the ‘Committees’ you’d like to be part of (maximum two, please!) by clicking on the Facebook Poll in the Reunion Group or emailing your name to [email protected] Please only volunteer if you have the time and energy to devote to these tasks and carrying them all the way through till August! 

Descriptions of Volunteer Positions: 

  • Promotions & Registration Savants: Inspire everyone to come to Reunion so we have the best reunion attendance possible! Help make sure we’ve got invitations out to everyone including faculty, coordinate with Usha on RSVPs, nudge people on registrations, encourage classmates to bring happy partners and sticky babies, and most excitingly plan the Wada rooming allotments!
  • Travel Coordinators (Mumbai or Pune-based alumni preferred): aka Arrival/Departure Transport Committee who will support Usha Sundaram with Arrival/Departure Logistics and be the organizational genius behind the amazing traditional Reunion party bus to/from Mumbai or Pune.
  • Programme & Events PlannersPlan what the weekend will look like with input from our classmates! Do we want a wada concert, football or frisbee, late evening internet hill hike, village drummers or perhaps a mock Fire Service drill? The weekend is an empty canvas!
  • Community EngagersMake this weekend about engaging meaningfully not only with each other but with the extended communities who made our time special at MUWCI. Plan a visit to Sadhana Village? Paud Children’s Home? Meet the oldest RKHS employees on campus and learn about changes from their perspective? Learn about the work Akshara is doing? Meet the Foundation Programme students from the valley? Plan these opt-in experiences to make this a weekend with greater purpose.
  • Yearbook EditorsHelp put together a yearbook tracing our journeys over the last decade. Design a stimulating questionnaire or get conversations going on the Facebook group about what people have been up to and help put together a reflective narrative about the diversity of paths taken by UWC grads from 2005 & 2006.
  • Souvenir DesignersWe all want to go back home from this weekend with a gift to remember our time on the hill. Help plan and design a reunion t-shirt or mug we can share with all reunion attendees and send on request to classmates & faculty who could not make it.  
  • Reunion Class Gift OrganizersWe’re back after 10 years and a lot of who we are is because of #MUWCI! The entire UWC movement is founded on the concept of philanthropy and we were all benefactors in some way, whether it was scholarships paid by National Committees or this beautiful campus gifted by the Mahindras. This is a time to come back – and to give back! Can we be the first reunion class to collectively sponsor a scholarship or equivalent fundraising goal? Work with the Advancement Office to understand how our classes can support the college’s strategic planning & goals, Vision 2022 and commitment to transparency and accountability. Participation matters more than the amount donated!  

Questions? Email Maria or Usha in the Office of Advancement at [email protected]


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  1. Darcia Datshkovsky

    3:18PM on 27th May 2015

    Class gift planner, promotion and registration, or program and event planner.

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