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A Special UWCSEA-MUWCI Connection: Sonam & Tashi (Ladakh – India, ’17 & ’18)

31st Dec 2016 by Maria Charles - , (0) Comment

UWCSEA’s Faculty & Staff Scholarship has made it possible for 10 Ladakhi students to attend MUWCI over the past two decades. We are enormously grateful to our extended family at UWCSEA for this generous sustained giving that has opened up the world to students from one of the most remote parts of India!


A letter of thanks follows from current first year student, Tashi: 

Dear Donors at UWCSEA, 

Honestly speaking, it is true that I always wanted to go out of Ladakh but probably for all the wrong reasons. What constantly came to my mind though, was that this childhood daydream was not possible. I had explored the world in books but never left our little kingdom in the clouds. Today only with your support I have seen other pieces of this world! I’ve learned, listened and explored more in five months than what I did in the past sixteen years. 

I feel like I’m actually learning for the first time what life is all about – and it’s not about scoring the highest marks in exams! (Though difficult I’m still trying hard to..). Frankly, it makes me so upset sometimes to think why we don’t have such an education system in Ladakh as I have experience in UWC. At MUWCI I found much more in every field than what I expect – the way our faculty teach us students with great passion, the way we are made to feel responsible for our learning, the way amazing students from all over inspire each other so all motivation comes from within. I am always learning new things from new people around the campus and tried my best to do things that challenge me every time. Whether it’s Project Week travels to Gujarat or difficult activities like Modern Dance or new languages like Chinese, I see that when I leave my comfort zone I sometimes catch feelings that I must have only dreamt of. 

I am very grateful for your contribution which changed my life. I can see the difference in me – I can see the difference while I am talking to people, the kind of thoughts that I am expressing, the kind of vision that I am holding. Thank you for making me understand what my life can be about. I will do my best to do good things with this opportunity.

With love,

Tashi (MUWCI, 2016 – 2018) 

As part of MUWCI’s Vision 2022 commitment to improving diversity through access, the college is increasing the number of scholarships it provides to deserving students year on year. The all-inclusive scholarship support of students like Tashi and Sonam for their two years on the hill depends on contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund. Please join us in supporting this transformative education by pledging your donation today. All donations by alumni, parents and friends will be matched (50% to 200%) by Shelby Davis under the Davis IMPACT Challenge – there is no better time to give! The college is also eligible for CSR giving by Indian companies. Please get in touch with [email protected] for any questions about giving and supporting UWC Mahindra College. 


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