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Uniting for Peace Youth Festival

27th Oct 2015 by admin - , (1) Comment
Uniting for Peace Youth Festival (UPYF) —November 27th-29thseeks to bring youth together from diverse backgrounds across India and UWC Mahindra College to develop skills and practices of working with conflict and building peace

During this festival, UWC Mahindra College will host trainers and students from different colleges in Pune, across India and from universities in Sri Lanka and Pakistan as well. Some of these participants are taking refuge in Pune from conflict-area home countries. Others are coming from UWCs around the world, based in Pune now in the Global Citizens Program. 
UPYF aims to provide participants with tangible skills and practices to put to work both in their own lives and in their communities to confront, understand and transform conflict and violence. 
UPYF will be led by professional trainers in peace-building from across India and beyond, as well including our faculty and student contributions. 

One thought on “Uniting for Peace Youth Festival”

  1. Anish Kulkarni

    9:41AM on 19th Nov 2015

    This is a very innovative programme. I would like to attend this programme. Can anyone send more details?

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