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5th May 2014 by Arnav Sibal - , (0) Comment


Amongst my sporting activities and creative activities, as a part of CAS and the UWC Ideology, we’re supposed to give back to the community. This means Community Engagement (CE) and Campus Service (CS).

Active English: As part of my CE, every Thursday, a group of us go down to Paud High School (A school of one of the nearby villages) and teach the students English. This year, we focussed more on communication skills as compared to written skills. Considering the fact that we aren’t qualified educators and don’t have degrees, yet, we did manage to make some difference and improve their verbal skills to an extent. With worksheets, stories, interactions and games, we worked towards improving their English skills. But keeping a number of energetic 8th graders engaged and committed to the task at hand is, say, incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, we tried our best and although we didn’t manage to evoke drastic improvement, we managed to see some improvement that gave us a level of satisfaction. We also renovated and set up a library for the school, using a budget designed by us and amended with the help of the Triveni Department.
To be honest, we could have been a lot more productive and efficient and with the new Project-based Triveni System to be up and running in the next Academic year, we hope to improve our work.

Biodiversity Monitoring: We have about 140 acres worth of biodiversity as part of our campus. The aim of our CS is to create a database of the flora and fauna found on and around campus and to get a better understanding of the biodiversity that can be found. We also trained in snake identification and handling and First-Aid thanks to our ESS Teacher who has expertise in this area. We also learnt how to use the dichotomous key and to identify insects and spiders. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’d love to continue with this in the future. It developed in me an interest in wildlife more so than I did before. I always found insects disgusting and sometimes when they creep up on me in the shower, I still hate them, but it’s interesting to learn much more about these tiny organisms. Sometimes, there are interesting things to look at, if only you know where to look.

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