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Travel Week

5th May 2014 by Sonja Shah - , (1) Comment


I am currently busy with school work…it just seems to get more every day. But oh well, it also makes me look forward to summer break in two months:) As I mentioned I went to Kerala and Goa for travel week. It started with a 32 hour train ride from Pune to Kochi in the state of Kerala (south). The first day in Kochi, we did a little bit of sight seeing and lots of eating; south Indian food is very distinct and can be pretty good. We also rented scooters and after my first attempt to start slowly, it went well. (I successfully avoided people, cars, rikshas, bikes, goats, cows, dogs,etc). We spent another morning in Kochi before our bus took us to Munnar. Munnar is famous for its spices and tea plantanes, which we visited. It was beautiful, but a little bit too hot, so that the AC bus was often nicer to chill than outside. In Munnar we went to a tea museum and to a rose garden. On Wednesday morning we went to Thekkady, where we visited a wildlife sanctuary. We did not get to see any tigers or elephants (of course-,-) but it was nice to see a buffallo that’s not starving and looking for food in the trash on the streets. One of my personal highlights of the trip was the discovery of a European Food Restaurant. (after a while I got enough of South Indian Food). The women there got to know that I am from Germany and insisted on making me meatballs with mashed potatoes and onion souce:)) – probably the best meal I had in a long time. In the evening we went to see a classical Kathakali Performance. Kathakali is a very impressive theatrical tradition based on heavy costumes, masks, dance and music. The next day we continued our travels to Kumarkoon where we took a relaxed trip on the backwaters in a houseboat. My week had been kind of touristy, which was a little annoying but I got to see a lot of beautiful places. When we arrived in Goa after another 11 hours in the train, I finally found time to do nothing but lie on the beach. (Even though Goa is probably one of the most touristy places in India, where every other sign is in Russian, people still stare at you…). All in all I had a great time off campus:)

See you soon!


p.s.: excuse the abrupt sentences and the bad writing. I need some sleep^^

One thought on “Travel Week”

  1. Vasant Hede

    6:16AM on 15th Jul 2014

    Nice Post Sonji. Thanks I am from Goa and planning to visit Kerala spcially for tea plantations and back waters. So this post helped. Thanks 🙂

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