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Things MUWCI People Say and DO

11th Feb 2016 by admin - , (1) Comment

MUWCI People

Photo Courtesy: Oscar Akerberg

In a tight-knit community like MUWCI, there always seem to be some things everyone is saying or doing. I’ve collected a few of the most common catch-phrases on the hill– enjoy!

  1. Jazz hands

Yes, we do the jazz hands all the time. Are we swatting the bugs that have drawn topographies on our legs? Are we executing a weird move we learnt at swing dance? No, we are simply agreeing to someone at such an ineffable level that we have to physically express it.

  1. “…, no?”

You can hear so many people ending their sentences with the question-tag ‘no’. “Let’s go to caf, no?” instead of “we’re going to the caf right?” Where did this come from? Is this a part of Standard English? Don’t ask me.

  1. The Indian head bobble

Within a week of being at MUWCI, almost every student, Indian or not, starts doing the great Indian head bobble. Yes, it’s really a thing, and yes a lot of people do it; but mind you, not everyone. Don’t be stereotyping. We don’t like that.

  1. “Teek hai, teek hai”

The direct translation of this phrase, which has some notes of accents, is “okay, okay.” This phrase is said in one breath and is typically accompanied by the head bobble. We aren’t so sure if this is a thing in the world outside our bubble but that sure doesn’t stop us from doing it.

  1. “Chalo”

As days turn into months, people slowly start replacing their “Let’s gos” and “come ons” with “chalo.”

“Chalo, we’re late for first block!” “Chalo, let’s go to sleep, it’s 3 am.” “CHALO! RUN! They’re gonna throw you in the mud!”

  1. Acronyms/Initialisms

Family members and visitors are baffled to constantly hear everyone on campus speaking in cryptic acronyms. Words like Repro, EE, IA, MPH, AQ, MUWCI, SPACE Wada Rep and PNC are on everyone’s tongues all the time. By now, we could make a code language. What do all these words mean? Visit us to find out!

  1. “Please, please, can we get an extension?”

As the second term and theatre season kicks in you will find every student, first years and second years alike, trying to get as many extensions on as many assignments as possible. Finally getting an extension after hours and hours of constant pleading is comparable to winning a war for independence.

  1. “Back home/ in my culture…”

When you live in a melange of diverse cultures and backgrounds people are constantly telling you about how things were “back at home” and how they’re similar to or different from what happens in someone else’s culture. ‘In my culture’ is always followed by a snicker of familiarity and a listening faces.

  1. Climbing

At MUWCI, we love to scale every single structure that we see, whether natural or human made. This peculiarity may have been facilitated by the extremely climbable and award-winning architecture of our campus. We climb roofs, we climb walls, we climb mountains, we climb trees. Show it to us, we’ll climb it. No one has ever gotten hurt though because the safety guards are always around to take care.


We may have our eccentricities but at the end of the day, these words define who we are, right now on the hill. And though annoying at times, these eccentricities are extremely endearing when you really know the person who’s doing them.

Chalo then, teek hai, bye *bobbles head.*

-Poorva Zope

(India, Class of ‘17)

One thought on “Things MUWCI People Say and DO”

  1. Analuisa mena

    12:57PM on 19th Feb 2016

    Love the ways you guys become “a family” making your own terms and confiding in each other with your own ways! Just love it!
    Teen hai Teel hai

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