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19th Jan 2015 by admin,
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Annapurna Circuit – Discovering New Limits

Photo Courtesy: Urszula Agnieszka Adamska 2014 has been the year of highest highs and lowest lows — I started it diving down to 26m, and ended it having risen up to above 5000m twice. Doing the Annapurna Circuit over winter break with 5 exceptional young people and 3 reassuringly present adults was a tremendous challenge and…

10th Oct 2014 by admin,
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Winter Trek Expedition in the Himalayas

 Ever wanted to go on an adventure trip to Annapurna Circuit? Here’s your chance to join the totally cool and exciting group of students and faculty from UWC Mahindra College! Sign up now for the Winter Trek Expedition in Annapurna Circuit in Nepal! Only 4 spots left! Last Date: 15 November, 2014  Dates of Travel:15th December…