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Studying in MUWCI

5th May 2014 by Martina Chow - , (2) Comments


If I had to choose one word to describe studying in MUWCI, I’d chose ‘challenging’. Challenging because we are constantly pushed to our limits in every aspect of our academic life. In UWC we follow the IB diploma programme; a highly demanding pre-university course, which requires us to take 6 subjects, ideally one from each group, out of which 3 are at a higher level and 3 are at a standard level. In addition to academics, the IB requires us to partake in 150 CAS (Community, Action, Service) hours. MUWCI, and UWCs in general, take this notion to a new level, requiring us to partake in a variation of weekly CAS activities throughout our 2 years here. This takes the idea of ‘learning outside the classroom’ to a literal form. Unlike in many educational institutions, in MUWCI, the students and teachers are friends. This makes classes flow a lot smoother and it makes studying a lot more interesting, as there is a comfort and confidence between the teachers and us students. Studying in MUWCI is thus a challenge, because it focuses on a broad, expansive approach to learning, which challenges our learning capabilities in many aspects of education.

2 thoughts on “Studying in MUWCI”

  1. TS Sundar

    9:10AM on 24th Jul 2014

    Contact us link is not working; please send an email where I can send resume for faculty position!

    • admin

      10:27AM on 2nd Sep 2014

      Dear Mr.Sundar,
      Please send an email to [email protected] to apply for a faculty position.

      Communications Team
      UWC Mahindra College

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