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Small Treasures

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This past weekend in the midst of cramming for a Global Politics test and writing a literature piece, my UWCMC academic life was stalled to tackle a gigantic pumpkin. Coincidentally, I bought this pumpkin at the weekly farmer’s market without even thinking about the fact that in Canada it was Thanksgiving weekend. Similarly to my enthusiasm with buying cool intriguing autumn vegetables back home, I couldn’t resist buying this one. When people started asking me about my recipe plans, I quickly realized my cluelessness on what to do with it.  So, looking for a platform, I organised the weekly ‘community kitchen’ where about 10 students came together to create. After an hour and a half of painfully watching the pumpkin boil, we whipped it all together in a giant bowl and threw in a number of spices (masala, masala!). To our surprise, the result was amazing.

 Life at MUWCIWhipping up magic at the community kitchen

The past week has marked my inauguration into the Sustainability Stream of my IB Diploma after about a month of experimenting with many project options on campus. My curiosity has been sparked by all of the seemingly crazy ideas and initiatives on campus. From composting and snake handling to Urdu club and a flash mob, I figure there must be nearly as many activities as the students on campus. After a lot of thought, I know my heart rests in environmental stewardship as a vehicle for social change. So, with a few other students, I have been getting my hands dirty in the biodiversity reserve mulching a series of endemic plants such as Bamboo, Guava, Tamarind and Jamun. Ironically, we have been fighting against nature for these trees to survive through a time of sweltering heat! The most difficult part of the job has proven to be finding water in the dehydrated reserve.

SustainabilityEvening watering blitzes in the bioreserve

I haven’t yet accepted the notion that the leaves will not be changing color and that I won’t need to wear a sweater anytime soon. Instead, I have been watching the incredible wonders that await once the water yields for the natural world of UWCMC comes alive. 

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Jayden Rae

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