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When asked how she feels about the summer programmes, Anjali smiled, “It has changed me and motivated me in ways I could only have dreamt of.”

UWC Mahindra College conducts short courses throughout the year, particularly summer programmes. In 2014, we offered three short courses: YES, Religion in India, and Encounter India. The programme was truly an enriching and engaging experience for all participants and was facilitated by the Outreach team along with three students from UWC Mahindra College!  

In addition, we host two international schools  – Hilversum International School, Netherlands and Oslo International School – to do part of their CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) project with us. The college, along with Akshara, organises and facilitates  learning through community projects and cultural experiences. 

What did the students think? Click here to learn about the experience of Simone Spera (UWC USA 2014) who participated in the course on Religion in India.

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