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Shelby M.C. Davis, Phil Geier, and Jens Waltermann Visit UWC Mahindra College

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Photo Courtesy: Anmol Tikoo 

2 November2015: UWC International Patron, Shelby M.C. Davis, Phil Geier, former UWC-USA President and Jens Waltermann (Pearson UWC, Class of ’85), the new Executive Director of UWC International, visited UWC Mahindra College during their 10-day UWC tour in Asia. Next, they will visit UWCSEA, Singapore followed by UWC Changshu, China for the inauguration ceremony.  

Davis and Geier are founders of the Davis UWC Scholars Program, which has provided scholarships to 6000 UWC graduates including 400 UWC students from India to study at prestigious U.S. colleges and universities.

Davis and Geier together had the idea of bringing UWC students to U.S. colleges and universities to promote intercultural understanding and unite the world. With the motto of “learn, earn and return,” Davis was introduced to the UWC movement by Geier and has been investing in UWC students since 2000. Additionally, he also supports 20 selected UWC students to attend a year-long and life-changing international award winning Global Citizen Year for a purposeful “bridge year” before university.

Moreover, the UWC movement recently received a generous $15 million challenge from Shelby and Gale Davis. Each of the fifteen UWC schools can earn up to $1 million to match charitable donations from alumni, parents, and friends. The purpose of the challenge is to increase donations to UWC from alumni and parents extending to their friends and families. In addition, the purpose is to increase the overall monetary amount and numbers of alumni, parents, and other individuals giving to UWC colleges.

During his first visit to UWC Mahindra College and India, Jens Waltermann presented his plans for the UWC movement to the community and discussed key goals centered on engaging alumni, supporting national committees and fundraising. 

It was a great pleasure to host Shelby and Gale Davis, Phil and Amy Geier, and Jens Waltermann at UWC Mahindra College. Students and faculty (many are Davis UWC Scholars) had a chance to express gratitude and ask questions focused on education, philosophy, impact, and the UWC movement. Additionally, the guests witnessed the work of Akshara, our local impact initiative, and AIC, our partner NGO helping vulnerable children and communities in Pune. They also met parents of former and current UWCMC students as well as UWC alumni, particularly the Davis UWC Scholars.

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