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Seasons of MUWCI

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season of muwci

season of muwci2

Welcome to the first season of MUWCI. Come, kick back, and enter the paradise that is our hill.

First years find themselves in an environment that is oriented completely around their arrival. ‘Welcome to the family.’

We promise that you won’t have to worry about any assignments… yet. This season is all about rolling in the mud and sitting under some fairy lights in some room, talking about some country’s misfortune or vibrant culture.

season of muwci3Math, History, Economics, Global Politics, Philosophy, English, Spanish, French, Art, Theatre, Film, Chemistry, Biology and Physics… they can wait. 

The Autumn Semester begins.

With the new season comes a new fervor amongst the second years. The deadline frenzy begins and they come down like a snowstorm. It’s cold on the hill, as we sit huddled in the common room, library and various other places, with a massive jar of coffee by our side. Our brains fight to stay awake.

‘How many words do you have so far?’

season of muwci4

‘I neeeed an extension, please…’


‘This week has been super hard, but I’m still surviving. Thanks for asking!’

season of muwci5

‘I don’t understand…’

These are some common phrases you will hear in the Season of Late Nights.

The first years are still getting to know the hill.


Then comes the Season of Change.

Change of Semester and change of format. Second years start to tie up loose ends: Finishing touches on Extended Essays and TOK Essays, hurrying to finish all those IA’s. Things are getting easier now, and finally second years start to see the beauty in trying something new: Direct a play, start a new Triveni or even become a part of a club you never thought you would.

The opposite transpires for firsties as they get started on the journey of the IB, and for some, a completely uncharted territory: the UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma. For them, it’s time to get cracking, as the end of term exams come closer. Yes, already thinking about the Season of Late Nights. But it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Lets get SAT’s out of the way as well, yes?

The name of this season isn’t necessarily a mark of negativity, but rather an ode to the end of a cycle. It is the marking of the final season before the season of new beginnings returns.

season of muwci6

The Season of Change may have some big exams, and some life changing experiences involved, but it is only the precursor to graduation: The end of one lifestyle, and the start of another.  Here you will see second years go off to pursue that one subject or interest that fueled their MUWCI life. The other subjects are ready to leave their lives.

season of muwci7

It’s time to adopt those styles of learning that may not have been conventional, but now they won’t affect any numbers or any reports. Let’s learn through travelling, through talking to new people, through truly being at MUWCI.


season of muwci9

The exams are the last stop, the final testament: maybe the one thing there won’t be much weeping for. However, when everyone dons their kurtas and saris, and holds in their hands the pieces of people they love infused with a varying composition of sweat, tears and laughter, the tears expose themselves. Strange thing is you can never tell whether it is out of happiness or sadness, or even both.

season of muwci8


Priyamvada Chaudhary (Class of ’16)

– India

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