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Project Based Triveni Programme

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Triveni is the co-curricular experiential learning programme at UWC Mahindra College. ‘Triveni’ in Indian culture is said to represent the confluence of 3 rivers: Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. At UWC Mahindra College, Triveni signifies the coming together of IB CAS, the Project Weeks and Gap Year Options. Over the years, the programme has evolved to symbolise the broader experiential education that the UWC Mahindra College affords its students. 

At the college, we consider the engagement and initiative of students and faculty in Triveni to be as valuable as the time and energy put into academics and residential life. We do not recognise a hierarchy in which academic development is prized above those dimensions of development and learning which can best be accessed through the Triveni programme. Instead, like the IBO, we see them as complementing rather than competing with each other. We value a holistic approach to education which integrates many forms of experience at the college as part of a balanced programme of learning.

During the academic year 2014-2015, UWC Mahindra College has launched a Project Based Triveni programme. The new programme aims to develop student skills that can be used to engage and create positive impact. The medium to achieve these goals is  primarily through project development and management.

To do this, students will build general skills in project management, leadership, teamwork, cooperation, innovation and creativity. Moreover, students also build specific skills in a particular area of their interest, which can be directly applied to develop and complete projects.

The areas, or Triveni Streams, are divided as:

  • Education and Learning
  • Peace and Justice
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • Communication and Culture
  • Outdoor and Adventure

Students in each Triveni Stream form groups that design and execute projects with tangible outcomes. The design of projects is mainly based on the outcomes of needs assessment studies, performed in conjunction by students, faculty members and partner organisations.

In addition to the project-based programme, students also have the opportunity of leading or taking part in recreational activities. Recreational activities are mainly student initiatives that can be active (that involve physical exercise) and creative.

Full commitment to the Triveni co-curricular programme is central to a student’s successful completion of their time at UWC Mahindra College, both in terms of the IB and their development within the ideals of the UWC movement. 

Meet the Team



About Oscar

Oscar Akerberg

Dr. Oscar Ávila Åkerberg is currently the Head of Triveni at UWC Mahindra College. The Triveni programme is UWC Mahindra College’s co-curricular Experiential Education program. It involves engagement with the local community, campus services and recreational activities.

A former UWCMC student himself, Oscar went to complete an undergraduate degree in Physics from the National University in Mexico City, followed by a PhD in Physics and Neuroscience from McGill University, Canada. He eventually returned to India to join the teaching staff at UWC Mahindra College. He has since taught Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Systems and Theory of Knowledge. Currently he is leading the Triveni programme through an extensive transformation, bringing UWC Mahindra College’s Experiential Education programme into the heart of the curriculum as the college moves with unprecedented speed towards project-based learning.

About Ben

Benjamin Howells

Ben Reid-Howells is currently working at UWC Mahindra College in Triveni Programme Development and Outdoor Experiential Education, and facilitates Theory of Knowledge classes. Since graduating from Lester B. Pearson UWC, Ben has spent the last six years developing his skills as a facilitator of innovation and empowerment, following his passions for social and environmental justice while helping others to realise their full potential and apply it to their passions.

With a degree in Sustainability and Anthropology from Dalhousie University’s College of Sustainability, Halifax, Canada, and seasons of leading youth leadership development programs on multi-day kayak trips off of Canada’s Pacific Northwest Coast, Ben works to bring theory and practice together through intentional facilitation to foster personal growth, grassroots activism and systemic change where it is needed.

About Rahul

Rahul Kamble

Since the academic year, 2014-15, Rahul has been working with the Triveni Programme as the program coordinator. He has done his undergraduate studies in English Literature from Pune. Since 2006, he has been associated with Akshara, the local impact initiative of UWC Mahindra College, both as a student and an employee. He ascribes much of his success to the critical thinking abilities ingrained in him by the Akshara programme.

Previously, he worked with Akshara as a part-time teacher and an administrative officer. He also worked intensively with Akshara’s community centre building programme. 

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