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UWC India Selections Weekend 2015

For those who will be coming to campus for UWC India Selections Weekend 2015, here’s some information to keep in mind.

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Old Friends, New Beginnings.

Stuti, a second year at UWCMC, shares how it feels to be back on the hill the second time around. A glimpse of what our community means to her.

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Call to All UWC Alumni: Be a Panelist for UWC India Selections – 2016 Entry

Do you want to reconnect with the infectious idealism that, for better or worse, defines UWC? Volunteer to participate in either the shortlisting committee or the interview panel.

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UWC India Selections for 2016 Entry

Thank you for your interest in applying to UWC schools and colleges worldwide. Applications for potential students between 16-18 years of age are available at www.uwccommindia.net until the extended deadline of 30 September, 2015. Apply now!

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August 2015

Selections for 2016 Entry are right around the corner. Here are ways you can get involved and help us realise our goal of getting a diverse pool of applications from all over the country.

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When an Indian Encounters India

Photo Courtesy: Mukul GuptaEncounter India: While the title might seem self-explanatory and simple; it still has great depth which I cannot fathom. For me, Encounter India was the trip of a lifetime- a platform where I ‘encountered’ the new. The program was all about familiarizing oneself with the issues and problems people face and challenging…

5th Jul 2015 by Maria Charles,
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Application Fee Waivers for Low-Income UWC India Applicants

UWC Mahindra College is pleased to be facilitating the applications process on behalf of the UWC Committee of India for 2015 Selections (2016 entry) to all 15 UWC Colleges.To encourage applications from a diverse pool of socioeconomic backgrounds we would like to outline an application fee waiver process for low-income applicants. If paying the application fee…

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To Leave and Remember

Two years at UWC are extremely hard to let go. All UWC alumni know this. Students strongly feel the intensity of imagining life beyond the hill in the last weeks (and sometimes refrain from that imagination), and this restlessness urges deep reflections, raises significant questions, and creates bittersweet emotions combining beautiful memories and new beginnings. Let our recent graduates, Ram Sharma and Louise Van Damme, show you how they felt when the time to go was right around the corner.

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June 2015

MUWCI students graduate with flying colours! See how they describe their intense two years on the hill. Read our article published in the local magazine in Pune. Check out the events we organised for alumni in India.

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Biodiversity & Sustainability at UWC Mahindra College

Managing a 175-acre campus that is an important bioreserve within the greater Western Ghats – one of world’s biodiversity hotspots – takes strong leadership, effective collaboration, and commitment. At UWCMC, the Head of Biodiversity & Sustainability, Lilian Marquez (PCUWC, Class of 1991) and Biodiversity Consultant, Ashwin Paranjpe, play a key role in directing the college’s biodiversity conservation efforts on the one hand, and guiding the administration, staff and students in adopting sustainable systems and processes on the other.