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28th May 2018 by admin,
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A new world of opportunities at MUWCI (Salman’s Story- Iraq ’20)

“It made me hate the way we humans hate each other”, says Salman on his very painful yet transformative first hand experience of the Yezidi genocide.Salman Shammo Hussein is a bright 19 year old student in Class of 2020 at UWC Mahindra College. He is an Iraqi national, who has seen very difficult circumstances before…

28th Nov 2017 by Maria Charles,
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Mahindra Group and Scholae Mundi Foundation Announce Major UWC Scholarship Commitment

Russian-Armenian impact investors and social entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend have collaborated with Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, a global group of companies based in India, committing together to US$ 7.5 million in funding to provide need-based scholarships to meritorious students worldwide to study at one of the UWC (United World Colleges) schools and colleges.All three philanthropists are strong…

24th Apr 2017 by Maria Charles,
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Looking Back at My MUWCI Experience

A letter of thanks from Mohammed Talib (Sudan, Class of 2015) who was received a full scholarship through support from alumni and the Haggar Holding Company in Sudan. Mohammed is currently studying at Middlebury College in the United States on a full scholarship, with the support of the Davis UWC Scholars programme. I cannot think of any decision…

31st Dec 2016 by Maria Charles,
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A Special UWCSEA-MUWCI Connection: Sonam & Tashi (Ladakh – India, ’17 & ’18)

UWCSEA’s Faculty & Staff Scholarship has made it possible for 10 Ladakhi students to attend MUWCI over the past two decades. We are enormously grateful to our extended family at UWCSEA for this generous sustained giving that has opened up the world to students from one of the most remote parts of India!A letter of…

22nd Nov 2016 by Maria Charles,
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Volunteer for the 2019 Alumni Reunion

A message from the 2019 Reunion Organizers: Save the Date for Reunion for the Class of 1999! 2 – 4 August 2019. (All members of the class should have received an email invite. If not, please write to [email protected]) In preparation for this amazing weekend, we’d like to invite class volunteers to be in charge of…

17th Nov 2016 by Maria Charles,
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An Israeli Alumna’s Conscientious Objection to Conscription

Tamar Zeevi (center), a MUWCI alumna (Israel, ’15) declared her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army yesterday, for reasons of conscientious objection. Her story made news in various news blogs and journals.Update #1 (Nov 2016): Tamar and her co-objector have been sentenced to jail time after which they will be brought back for another hearing…

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October 2016 News from the Hill

In our October newsletter read stories about transformative scholarship gifts that have changed the lives of students from Syria, Nepal and India; campus stories about UWC Day, the rite-of-passage Ganesh festival, and an introduction to our newest first year cohort. Finally, catch up on ways to connect with UWC both online and at MUWCI meetups in…

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A New Path Made Possible by our Parents & Faculty

In about three hours, Anita Tamang, a 16 year old from Nepal, was transported from her foster home in Kathmandu to the bustle of Mumbai, and then to the foothills of the Sahyadris and up the MUWCI hill which would be her home for the next two years. But the journey from a young motivated…

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Developing a New Curricula on Systems-Thinking

The mindset with which we perceive and interpret the world affects what we think and ultimately do. How we think about a challenge influences the design of our response and the ‘solutions’ we create. However, most secondary schooling practices reduce the complexity of the world to studying the individual parts of a problem, often overlooking…

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A Bridge To UWC: MUWCI’s Foundation Programme

Students from the MUWCI Foundation Programme who have gone on to study at all the 15 UWCs globally. The UWC Mahindra College Foundation Programme, a year-long residential course for Indian students from less represented backgrounds, puts into action the college’s motto of ‘Diversity Through Access’. It facilitates students from non-English- speaking backgrounds to acquire the…