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Spring 2014

 Photos and updates from the final semester at UWC Mahindra College.

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December 2013

The end of a very busy first term here at UWC Mahindra College.

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October 2013 – Learning Out of the Classroom

The month of October saw students and faculty dispersing around India and learning outside of the classroom.

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September 2013 – Celebrating a World of Colour

Read about the celebrations that took place at UWC Mahindra College in September.

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August 2013 – Becoming Friends

Read about what our 2nd Year students were up to this summer, reflections and photos from Integration Week and stories from Alumni. Contact us at [email protected]

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Summer 2013 – Snapshots

 MUWCI life in pictures

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Fall 2012 – Celebrating 15 Years of Taking the Plunge

UWC Mahindra College produces a newsletter every semester in an effort to keep our stakeholders informed of the goings-on at the campus.