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Message from the Head of College – Welcome to 2015!

6th Jan 2015 by admin - , (0) Comment

Dear friends,

It’s been a great semester on the hill this year.  The new Triveni programme kept the community intensely busy throughout the term and has given a lot to talk about in our semester reports! We have been diligently working on the Project Based Diploma and are excited about the pilot programme to be offered to the incoming class of 2015. Students leading Amnesty International on campus successfully launched and carried the 16 days of Activism with meaningful messages to spread awareness against gender-based violence.  

What the aforementioned activities and programmes have in common is the valuable pillar of experiential learning in the UWC education. More than ten members of our faculty attended the first Experiential Educators’ Conclave in India “Beyond the Classroom” – an inspirational gathering of professionals from the education and corporate world. Our students actively engage in learning beyond the classroom and have the freedom to choose the platform of their liking to to indulge deeply. The outdoor education programme allows them to explore new limits of strength, perseverance, and endurance through trekking expeditions at high altitudes. The community engagement programme enables them to experience the value of service. We at UWC Mahindra College are fortunate to be located at the center of Mulshi valley in Pune, India. This setting gives us the opportunity to interact with the local communities, to learn from them and work together. Collectively, we strive to reach new heights of development in areas of education and livelihood development.
Many of our students work with initiatives such as Akshara, Kruti, Seema Circle, and Sadhana friends to share their skills with and learn from the women, children and men living in the local communities as well as the tribal areas in the valley. Last academic year, local women working with Seema Circle participated in the Ladakh expedition with our students. Such community engagement paves way for a humbling experience that allows them to see how much more one receives in the process of giving. The values of experiential learning and service are deeply embedded in the UWC philosophy and the opportunities to work with the local communities challenges our students to rethink and reflect on the idea of social change.
We look forward to building this pillar of experiential learning stronger every year. The new Project Based Diploma is an attempt to place project-based learning at the center of the educational experience. We hope that you will inform those you know about us and urge them to apply for the academic year 2015 – 2017 through the UWC Committee of India. More details can be found here
On a lighter note, I hope that you had a bright and fulfilling year, and I wish you a happy new year full of love, happiness and success!
Best Wishes.
Pelham Lindfield Roberts
Head of College

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