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Message from the Head of College

17th Nov 2014 by admin - , (0) Comment

Dear Alumni, Parents and Supporters,

Since last writing, the UWC Council meeting in Victoria BC Canada drew focus on the next stage of growth of the UWC Movement and shortly after the UWC International Board gave final approval to UWC Changshu to open in China in August 2015. During the council meetings there was recognition that an expansion of the number of UWC schools and colleges requires new global governance structures to carry the movement effectively through the next decade of growth. This recognition ties in with recognition amongst the Heads of the schools and colleges that collaboration and communication is more important than ever in linking  the multiple elements of our movement. We are not just 15 UWC schools and colleges, but a movement of 144 National Committees, 50,000 alumni (and counting), current students aged 3-21, parents, families, teachers, former teachers, council and board members, donors and friends and countless partnerships and associations.
I have one important message – as a movement and as individuals working within the movement, we have to keep ourselves relevant  through collaboration, communication,  disruption and innovation (see the article on DIF). We have to do this here in India. This is an appeal to all who benefit from their association with UWC in India: Let’s collaborate and communicate and make sure that our UWC organisation here in India is as effective as possible. If you get the call please respond! It will come soon… 

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