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Message from Head of College – September 2014

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Message from Head from College
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The Day We Dream About

Today is a very special day. It is a day to write home about. In academia, it is a “scarlet day”, in our families it is a “red-letter day.” In a UWC, it is the day we dream about. 

Today in Mumbai, surrounded by a group of students studying at UWC Mahindra College from India and around the world, Anand Mahindra announced that the Mahindra Group is giving our college enough funding for us to select students regardless of their parents’ ability to pay for the next 5 years. With this donation of 30 crore rupees (currently USD 5 million), the college will select 25 Mahindra Scholars each year: a total of 50 students at any one time starting from 2015.

In a joint statement, Shelby Davis and Anand Mahindra pledged USD 12.5 million to the UWC movement, stating, “We believe in the potential of UWC students and we believe in the power of leading by example – thus our decision to step up for UWC at this time.  The UWC movement is committed to increasing its impact in a world where its mission and values are so relevant and our joint commitment supports that.”

This commitment is a call to action. Money is not enough. At the college, we are seeking to live our ideals more fully than ever. Working with our Board and in collaboration with students, alumni, faculty and parents, we have articulated a Vision for the year 2022. Our Vision sees a student body reflecting diversity beyond different nationalities: social, religious, economic, cultural and other forms of diversity to be represented more strongly through our need-based scholarships. From May 2017, some students will have the chance to graduate with the Mahindra Project Based Diploma on learning that is self-directed and faculty-guided around a single project focus. Our Triveni Programme has already adopted this experiential project-based approach to learning. Our campus reflects core human and ecological values of UWC Mahindra College, and our environmental impact from water and energy use and waste management is measured, managed, minimized and certified against international standards. 

To achieve our Vision, the newly established Advancement Office will play an important role in building strategies for fundraising, communication and promotion in line with our mission and values. In 2022, our Advancement Office and the UWC Committee for India reach out to a wide UWC community, which participates in and contributes to our work, with an impact that reaches extensively beyond the college.

This is a call to action, and we ask and will continue to ask for your engagement and involvement in the work we do. 

This newsletter tells the story of our vision and it invites you to join us. It asks our students, our alumni, our parents and our faculty to maintain their ideals and in doing so give hope to those who have not had the same opportunities we have been lucky enough to receive. 


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