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Message from Head of College – October 2014

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Dear Alumni, Parents and Supporters,

We have had a great start to the year with enormous positive energy and enthusiasm. The theme of this newsletter is about who we select and this is a matter very dear to all UWC hearts. The most profound influence on students generally comes from their peers, so who we select is critical to our success as a college and as a movement. 

The Mahindra Scholarships, mentioned in the last newsletter and which have received widespread media coverage, will help us achieve a much more diverse representation from across India and globally. Your help in outreach is very important! You know what we are all about! We are reaching out to you, especially those living and working in India, to help spread the word, not just to neighbours and friends but to NGOs, schools, organisations and people working in education and youth development. We want to make our UWC education truly transformative, both individually and in what our students will do during their lives. 

The college is now working closely with the UWC Committee for India, taking forward promotion, selection and assisting dynamically with UWC preparation.  It is also possible that the nomination date for National Committees will be brought forward to November in the year before starting at a UWC.

We hope to see you involved in any capacity possible and look forward to your continued support.

If you can assist us in reaching out to the more remote areas of India, please contact us. In the future, we hope to run courses both to prepare our next batch of students and to widen the influence of UWC throughout India. 

We have a great team in the Advancement Office, led by Maria Charles and supported by Jahnvi Pananchikal and Usha Sundaram. Outreach will not just be what we do in the summer but what we do all the time, and we hope you will get involved.

If active engagement is not possible, we request you to please consider supporting an Akshara student. We currently have six students in our UWC Foundation Programme and the college funds all their expenses. If you want to know more about how you may be able to help, please get in touch with Maria.

You may like to know that we will be offering the Mahindra Project Based Diploma to a small number of the most able and self-motivated students starting in August 2015. This will be based on the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma and is designed to go far beyond what is possible in the IB, capitalising on the potential we have here in India. More to follow from Cary Reid – the team leader of this project – in the next newsletter.

Finally, we hope to see many many of you back on the hill for the reunion next summer!


Pelham Lindfield Roberts

Head of College

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