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Meet Our Alumna – Anna Kurien, A Public Defender

7th Dec 2015 by admin - , (0) Comment
Anna kurien
Photo Courtesy: Maria Charles
When people are accused of crimes and are too poor to afford a lawyer, my office represents them. I am an attorney at the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Office of the Public Defender. I do this work because I believe that everyone has the right to a lawyer, and that no matter what you have been accused of doing (murder, armed robbery, child molestation) you have the right to make the government prove the case against you and in doing so, you should have a zealous and passionate lawyer who will represent you and fight for you and your rights. 
After UWC Mahindra College, I had a wonderful four years at Wellesley College in Massachusetts where I got a great education. I majored in English and French and studied abroad in Paris and Senegal. I also did a summer internship at The Hague where I observed and learned from the trial of Slobodan Milosevic. After that, I spent a year in the West Indies on a Watson Fellowship where I lived with host families and learned Creole. Then I attended law school at Emory University in Atlanta from where I graduated in 2008.
For the past 7 years, I have been a public defender which is a job I love and gives me a great sense of purpose. UWC instilled in me a strong sense of personal and social responsibility and in this job I have found a way to use my privilege to advocate for those on the margins of power. 
– Anna Kurien (Class of 2000)
Kerala, India

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