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Living in the Wadas

5th May 2014 by Martina Chow - , (0) Comment


Residential life is a very important component of MUWCI. In fact, in my opinion, it is the most important and unique part of it. Each of us shares a house with 7 other people and each room has 4 people- all four of us from 4 different cultural or social backgrounds. This poses us a challenge for us. Learning to live with 7 different people, to me, is not easy, as it requires both compromise and acceptance. Especially in such a diverse environment like MUWCI, where many of us are very opinionated, strong-minded and come from a wide range of backgrounds, it is definitely not a walk in the park. Disagreements have to be dealt with and problems have to be solved. Though it presents a challenge, the wide spectrum of cultures and people that we have in MUWCI allows us to learn about the world in an unimaginable way. Surrounded by people from all corners of the world, we gain understanding and acceptance of different cultures, traditions and ethnicities; which is something I cherish very much. The wadas in MUWCI act as a home away from home- with our wada parents as our parents and our peers as our siblings, it all feel like big extended family. Living in the wadas is my favourite part about MUWCI, because, at the end of the day, my wada is without a doubt, my home.

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