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Kriyā for Nepal: Climbing for Earthquake Relief

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Kriya for Nepal

Press Release                                                                                                             

Rural Maharashtrian Women and UWC students embark on Ladakh Expedition to Help Rebuild Nepal

04 May, 2015, Pune: After the recent earthquake struck Nepal, 15 young economically and socially disadvantaged women from villages near Pune, alongside 25 international students, who had been preparing to ascend one of the country’s highest peaks, decided to give an additional meaning to their challenging four-week expedition by raising funds for earthquake-stricken Nepal.  Ladakh’s peaks regularly attract some of the most experienced mountaineers from around the world, but scarcely are they surmounted by rural young women from Maharashtra.

These pioneering women are a part of Kriyā – a student-led initiative at UWC Mahindra College that works with disadvantaged youth on physical fitness, confidence building, and overcoming societal and self-imposed limitations in the outdoors.

Malaika Vaz, the student team leader of this programme, explained, “Kriyā gives rural women the opportunity to understand and unleash the potential they have. Through this expedition, the aim is for them to see the power of their individual agency in not only pushing themselves to the limit both physically and mentally, but also in positively impacting the lives of people in Nepal, who have been devastated by the earthquake.”

The funds raised will go toward the Alex Lowe Charitable trust, a foundation with a decade of experience and expertise in grassroots work involving community building projects. Our campaign will contribute specifically to the Sherpa Widows Relief Fund and the Earthquake Relief Fund. The Sherpa community forms the backbone of Nepal’s climbing industry and takes great risks to provide for their families. The community has been hit hard for two years in a row, with an avalanche last April and now this earthquake. The Widows Relief Fund provides for the families when people in the Sherpa community suffer loss of life and damage under unfortunate circumstances. The Earthquake Relief Fund will be disbursed to support the families in the affected areas and contribute to their long term recovery.

With the belief that women all around the world should be able to support themselves and that physical activity is always transformational, the women from Kriyā reach out to these widows.

“It’s only in difficult times that we are remembered that there is Manushiyat (humanity) in the world and I think that this is the time for us to do all that we possibly can for Nepal (as a Kriyā team),” says Kiran, a member of Kriyā from  the Mulshi Valley.

With summit objectives that include Stok Kangri (6150m) and Lungser Kangri (6667m) in Ladakh, they will surely be getting a new perspective on life, while helping ease the difficult lives of women living thousands of kilometers away, in a country devastated by an earthquake.

After the expedition, these women will continue receiving support from Akshara – a local impact initiative of UWC Mahindra College, which aims to empower individuals living in rural areas, by providing them access to educational opportunities and personal support. To date, more than 500 individuals ranging from children and women to adults in the tribal community are taking part in its various programmes.

Individuals who are interested in supporting this programme are asked to please get in touch with the college and write to [email protected]. To donate directly, please visit the fundraising campaign online.

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