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Integration Week

5th May 2014 by Maria Jimena Jurada - , (0) Comment


One thing I am sure of, is that in a future, when I look back at my first week at MUWCI two words will pop into my head: awkwardly funny. I will often ask myself how was it possible that I got the opportunity to laugh my lungs off and scream till my last breath with people whose name I had not learn yet. How was it possible that I felt so comfortable talking to the “guy in the red shirt” or the “girl with the short hair” when I did not even know what religion he/she was part of. How was it possible that you were joking around with people whose social background you were not afraid of and it still felt a bit like home.

I am going to tell you how is that possible… because MUWCI gives you the opportunity to join countries, cultures, religions and much more in a single place. MUWCI gives you the opportunity to start your story again, to try new things and explore a new world that was never shown to you before. MUWCI is the place where you can open your mind and think of things through new perspectives that are being displayed to you. MUWCI is a place in which you better stop being “chai” and talk to everyone.

During my integration week I felt so out of my comfort zone like I have never felt before, but being out of it in no way felt bad, it actually gave me the opportunity to challenge and let myself out. Never when I thought of coming at MUWCI did I imagine my first week here was going to be the way it was. I might have pictured with lots of awkward conversations and lack of social skills… instead I found myself playing mud games at 6 in the morning right after you were woken up by (your adorable) second years, I found myself showering with a frog right next to me and I found myself growing up confidence everyday a little more.

One thing I am sure of is that in a future when I look back at my first week at MUWCI four words will pop into my head: That is my family. The first week at MUWCI will be kept in my heart forever. If my next two years, are in any kind of way similar to my first week in here, I am totally in.

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