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Application Fee Waivers for Low-Income UWC India Applicants

5th Jul 2015 by Maria Charles - , (4) Comments

UWC Mahindra College is pleased to be facilitating the applications process on behalf of the UWC Committee of India for 2015 Selections (2016 entry) to all 15 UWC Colleges.

To encourage applications from a diverse pool of socioeconomic backgrounds we would like to outline an application fee waiver process for low-income applicants. If paying the application fee is a significant financial burden for your family, we encourage you to request a fee waiver through the eligibility guidelines and process detailed below.

Note: It is assumed that a student applying for an application fee waiver would not be able to apply to UWC unless they were granted the same. Therefore, a fee-waiver applicant will automatically be considered to be applying for a full scholarship place at a UWC. Requesting a fee waiver will not disadvantage an applicant in any way. 


In addition to meeting the other eligibility criteria for applying (see UWC India website), applicants who wish to avail of application fee waivers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a combined family income of no more than 3 lakhs per year
  • Pay no more than Rs. 10,000 per annum in school fees

These details will be verified at the application stage.


The waiver will be reviewed on the basis of a complete statement from any one of the following references who is familiar with the background and financial circumstances of the applicant’s family:

  • school official (teacher, principal)
  • community leader (non-profit worker, religious/community counselor, government/elected official)
  • Any person affiliated with UWC

The completed statement should include:

  1. Name, designation & contact information (telephone & email ID) of the reference person
  2. Name, DOB & contact information (telephone & email ID) of the applicant
  3. Relationship with the applicant (teacher, counselor etc.) 
  4. A brief description of the family background & financial circumstances that necessitate a waiver, including details of total family income and current school fees (e.g. “I can verify that this applicant is eligible for a fee waiver because of his family’s modest financial circumstances. The student’s father is a welder and mother works as a bank peon with a family income of less than 20,000 per month and current monthly school fees are Rs. 400/-“) 

The completed statement must be emailed to [email protected]ommindia.net with subject “Application Fee Waiver Request”. 


Applicants requesting a waiver must give at least 7 calendar days for review of their request. If approved, they will receive an application form via email and must complete the rest of the application process via email or post. The online application portal is not accessible for fee-waiver applicants. 

For any questions on the various stages of the process please email: [email protected] or call/text:(+91) 8411974040. 

4 thoughts on “Application Fee Waivers for Low-Income UWC India Applicants”

  1. Kabir

    12:45PM on 15th Jul 2015

    Respected UWC faculty,
    From where can we obtain the application form?


    11:23AM on 12th Sep 2015

    Dear sir
    I a from a poor family.For me 1050 Rs/- is very much

  3. chidura vishnu gupta

    10:25AM on 29th Sep 2016

    It’s a really good one

  4. Niraj Tatiya

    8:04AM on 10th Nov 2016

    Hey I like the free registration for students like me , thankyou!!

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