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Disruptive Innovation Festival with UWC Schools and Colleges

10th Oct 2014 by admin - , (1) Comment

UWC takes part in the world’s first Disruptive Innovation Festival!

Several UWC colleges are poised to take part in the world’s first Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). The context lies in the transition towards a circular economy: everyone knows that the economy is changing but what do school-leavers, new graduates and their teachers need to know, experience and do? 

To address these questions, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is staging the first DIF this year from 20 October to 14 November, bringing together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, makers, learners and doers to catalyse system-level change for a future economy. 

Over the four weeks, using a mix of online and face-to-face events, participants will have an abundance of opportunities to explore the future through a different lens. The Foundation believes that a challenged, linear ‘take, make and dispose’ economy can be replaced by a more prosperous, regenerative and circular economy.

Among the headline speakers are Ken Robinson, Ellen MacArthur, Janine Beynus and Mark Miodownik. The Festival contains a selection of stages focusing on relevant themes and trends such as:
• Systems Thinking
• 21st Century Science
• Materials and Energy
• New Business Models
• Design and Innovation
• Information and Knowledge
• Collaborative Consumption 
• Internet of Things

James Pitt from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation commented, “The Festival is part of a long-term collaboration between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the UWC movement. Other joint projects include developing learning materials for CAS projects and the Theory of Knowledge parts of the IB Diploma and designing a short course on systems thinking. Our relationship with the UWC movement is leading to the most exciting things we are doing in schools.” Find out more on the Foundation here 

Several UWC Schools and Colleges are contributing to the Festival on the Systems Thinking stage and to debate the purpose of education. The Festival is free and open to everyone; you can register for your pass now at www.thinkdif.co

Click here to see the schedule of all the events.

Events in Collaboration with UWC Schools and Colleges-

Tuesday Oct. 21, 07.30 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
Q&A with the Heads of the UWC Movement
Watch live-stream as the Heads of the UWC Colleges convene in an unprecedented open discussion to answer questions posed by UWC students from around the world. Is one of the most idealist educational movements living up to its mission statement: to make education a force to unite peoples, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future? Learn more 
Wednesday, Oct 22nd, 08.00 PDT
One Thousand Voices: UWC Student Panel Discussion 
Watch live-stream a panel of students representing UWCs around the world engaging in a critical discussion of what disruptions and innovations need to happen to the UWC movement. Tweet your questions to panelists and join the discussion. Learn more

Thursday, Oct 23rd, 08.00 PDT

Open Space Session: Disrupting and Innovating the United World College (Educational) System

Join this online Open Space Session and add your voice, skills and resources to the ideas of UWC students committed to the next revolution in the global education system, drawing on their experiences studying the International Baccalaureate (IB). UWC students will host Idea Topics–discussions/planning/ideating groups–open to all DIF participants to join, with the goal of propelling ideas into projects based on the skills, resources and networks of the DIF participants involved. Learn more


Friday, Oct 24th, 8:00 PDT 

Open Space Follow Up

A continuation of the UWC Open Space Session on Education. This Follow Up session is a space for the hosts of Idea Topics to summarise the goals, commitments, next steps and calls for assistance to the rest of the DIF community. Join in to see where your expertise can help a generation of change makers disrupt and innovate the educational system around them.

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