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College Assembly: A Work in Progress

15th Sep 2014 by admin - , (0) Comment

The College Assembly  is a body comprising 15 students as representatives of the student community, 2 faculty representatives, 1 facilitator and 2 mentors to provide guidance.

This might not be the first, the last or the only College Assembly that exists in UWCMC, but it is the one we have now, the one we are working on, and the one we are investing all our efforts and hopes into. College Assembly was an idea that was wandering around since the end of 2013 when a group of then second years, members of faculty and administration started putting into theory the thoughts and needs of our community. Meeting by meeting and piece by piece, every individual contributed to create what we now know as the College Assembly – a body that is now on wheels, but still a work in progress.

We are currently at the initial stage of clearly distributing roles and responsibilities and most importantly, creating a constitution. The Assembly started as an initiative that sought fairness in the functioning of the school especially when students and faculty felt that their inputs were unheard and increasingly developed a common desire to express themselves louder.

The creation of this body is an example of the strength and tightness of this community; it exhibits that eagerness and urge to make progress despite the issues and obstacles that arise on the path. College Assembly is all about showing and encouraging people to speak up: to show their unconventional attitudes while trusting and supporting this community.

For the student body, the College Assembly is a perfect opportunity to express their thoughts and issues, and brainstorm solutions. Many of us come from different schools around the world, many of them employing processes in which students have little to no participation in the institution’s decisions and choices. When we arrived at UWCMC, however, we realized one of the most valuable aspects of this college: students are actually taken into account and asked to express their opinions during the process of decision-making.

College Assembly serves as a bridge between the community at large and the decision-making committees of the college, in order to ensure effective communication and management of issues that need to be addressed.

Anyone from the student body, faculty, staff, and administration who wishes to observe our progress is more than welcome to join the meetings as an observer.

We are open to inputs and suggestions from every member of the community who is interested in helping. After all, we are here for each other in this place we call home.

María Jimena Jurado


On Behalf of the College Assembly

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