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21st Jan 2015 by admin,
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Bliss of Triveni

This Sunday of Korean pancakes at ‘Branch,’ four hours of philosophy readings, and endless procrastination-based facebook checks was maybe not my ideal Sunday. But luckily, I could interrupt these tedious happenings with a little Triveni time. The past term I have taken part of four Trivenis, all of which have become an integral part of…

17th Nov 2014 by admin,
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Project Week Story #1: What Social Change Looks Like

You start and you end your journey at a train station; another public place in India that is always accompanied by homeless and poor people. You are once again confronted with this failed side of society, and once again demotivated to address such a problem of poverty, as it seems too immense to solve.But not…

27th Oct 2014 by admin,
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Small Treasures

This past weekend in the midst of cramming for a Global Politics test and writing a literature piece, my UWCMC academic life was stalled to tackle a gigantic pumpkin. Coincidentally, I bought this pumpkin at the weekly farmer’s market without even thinking about the fact that in Canada it was Thanksgiving weekend. Similarly to my…

15th Aug 2014 by admin,
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Triveni Revamped

The intention of wanting to good is central to the act of service, but it cannot replace the skills and sheer hard work it takes to do your service well. I find this reflected in our new Triveni program, my first month has been packed with various kinds of skill building workshops and the training program has a long way to go before any projects start. Working within specific streams like Communication and Culture or Peace and Justice has allowed faculty to mentor us much better.

5th May 2014 by Arnav Sibal,
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Amongst my sporting activities and creative activities, as a part of CAS and the UWC Ideology, we’re supposed to give back to the community. This means Community Engagement (CE) and Campus Service (CS).