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1st Feb 2016 by admin,
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Meet Our Faculty: Nehal Chheda, Teacher of English/Head of Department

A passionate English teacher, the maker of delicious baked goods and an accomplished wildlife photographer, Nehal has spent almost ten years in high school education and continues to kindle fascination for and interest in English Literature in her students. Come see what gets her students to listen and speak with pleasure.

29th Jan 2016 by admin,
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UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma: First Cohort

After months of planning and designing the curriculum and a rigorous selection process, UWC Mahindra College is ready with its first cohort of students who will graduate with the UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma with Cambridge Pre-U. Take a look at their creative projects that mark the beginning of a tremendously enriching project based learning in the 21st century at MUWCI.

12th Dec 2015 by admin,
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Meet Our Faculty: Cyrus Vakil, Director of Studies

Dip into the interesting mind of UWCMC’s Director of Studies, Cyrus Vakil. He has been here since the very beginning and tells the story of how the school is continuously striving to create a better education.

6th Oct 2015 by admin,
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Meet Our Faculty: Chu-Lynne Ng (UWCMC, ’03)

Laerke, our second year student from Denmark, interviews Chu-Lynne (UWCMC, ’03) who is currently teaching English and Theatre on the hill. Find out why Chu-Lynne loves the arts and what got her to return to the college as a teacher.