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19th Jan 2015 by admin,
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India – “The Land of [Seizing] Opportunity”

Photo Courtesy: Kaz Christopher Tomozawa I come from the “land of opportunity.” I grew up hearing stories of the “American dream,” with pictures of a green front lawn, guarded by a dog sleeping lazily in a doghouse behind a white picket fence; a life better than one’s parents. And for the most part, I believe in…

31st Dec 2014 by admin,
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Oxfam India Trailwalker – “Walking for Corporates and Maggi”

         Photo Courtesy: Jayden Rae At 5:15 am this morning, I thought I was in the midst of a nightmare when I opened my eyes to faces alight by candlelight. The floating heads threw stone-hard bread at me as I lay defenseless in bed. Strangely enough, I wasn’t as scared of these intruders as…

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Project Week Story # 3: Shashank’s Mosaic of Observations

Picture the scene: UWCMC rests under the dark, solemn night sky. The creeks of the crickets only accentuate a vast stillness engulfing the campus. No stone moves, no leaf falls.Suddenly, at 3 am in the morning, an animal of steel, a bus, enters the parking lot. One by one, 20 lights turn on. One of…

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Project Week Story # 2 : Laerke in Andhra Pradesh

Photo Courtesy: Yarden BoytnerLast week I went to India for the first time. Well, rural India, that is. I have been living at UWC Mahindra College for more than two months, and I have even visited my friend in Bangalore for a couple of days. But going to rural Andhra Pradesh felt as though I…

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Project Week Story #1: What Social Change Looks Like

You start and you end your journey at a train station; another public place in India that is always accompanied by homeless and poor people. You are once again confronted with this failed side of society, and once again demotivated to address such a problem of poverty, as it seems too immense to solve.But not…

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Small Treasures

This past weekend in the midst of cramming for a Global Politics test and writing a literature piece, my UWCMC academic life was stalled to tackle a gigantic pumpkin. Coincidentally, I bought this pumpkin at the weekly farmer’s market without even thinking about the fact that in Canada it was Thanksgiving weekend. Similarly to my…

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Exeat – There and Back Again

It really is quite strange, the amount of happiness a good night of sleep in a comfortable bed can give you and how much joy people receive when they have a decent meal. I suppose the world could become a peaceful place if only these two were given to all. Has UWC been approaching peace…

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Office of Admissions at UWC Mahindra College

For the first 15 years of the College’s existence, Admissions was run out of the Head’s Office. Two things happened that highlighted the need for a professional, independent Office of Admissions. First, the UWC movement began putting in place standardized policies and procedures to govern selections and admissions. Second, the College articulated a desire to…

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Back to the Hill

The hill seemed to have remained unchanged. It would be cliché to say that it was perfect but as things go, it was near-perfect. The only change I saw was in the people. I saw it in me. For better or for worse I couldn’t tell – only time will.My first year had changed me….

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College Assembly: A Work in Progress

The College Assembly  is a body comprising 15 students as representatives of the student community, 2 faculty representatives, 1 facilitator and 2 mentors to provide guidance. This might not be the first, the last or the only College Assembly that exists in UWCMC, but it is the one we have now, the one we are working on, and the…