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Thinking About Impact

The theme of this newsletter reflects our desire to be impactful and one of the most urgent needs we have is to learn how to measure the impact we have on our students as individuals and on the communities they change.

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Diversity Through Access

Read our newsletter centered on diversity to learn about how it defines our students’ experiences at MUWCI.

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August 2015

Selections for 2016 Entry are right around the corner. Here are ways you can get involved and help us realise our goal of getting a diverse pool of applications from all over the country.

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June 2015

MUWCI students graduate with flying colours! See how they describe their intense two years on the hill. Read our article published in the local magazine in Pune. Check out the events we organised for alumni in India.

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April 2015

Read updates on the UWC Committee of India. Hear from students about their experience working with partner NGOs in Mulshi valley. See how our alumni are living the mission all around the globe.

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March 2015

Invitation to watch incredible performances by UWC students from all over the world in the heart of Pune.

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February 2015

Read our February newsletter to see how our alumna, Orsolya Jeney (Director at Amnesty International, Hungary), is making an impact! Take a look at the magic of Theatre Season 2015, our Outdoor Education Program, and the Pune Urban Village Unconference. Oh, and don’t forget to spread the word about teaching vacancies this year (Deadline: 23rd…

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January 2015

Enjoy the January 2015 newsletter featuring stories written by our very own students, Kaz, Laerke and Jayden, as well a vivid account of the Annapurna Trek by Marija. Read the thoughts of our alumnus, Akshay Purohit, the backstage profile of our new project based Triveni team, and hear from our Head of College.January 2015 Newsletter

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December 2014

Enjoy our December newsletter that contains best wishes for the new year, information on teaching vacancies, thoughts of our alumnus, Arvin Gadgil, backstage profile of the Project Based Diploma led by Cary Reid, and current work of Amnesty International on campus.December 2014 Newsletter

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November 2014

Here’s the November 2014 newsletter. This time, we have got admissions for this year, Disruptive Innovation Festival, Project Week student story, profile of alumnus, Dhaval Chadha, and upcoming alumni events.November 2014 Newsletter