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4th May 2015 by admin,
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Kriyā for Nepal: Climbing for Earthquake Relief

After the recent earthquake struck Nepal, 15 young economically and socially disadvantaged women from villages near Pune, alongside 25 international students, who had been preparing to ascend one of the country’s highest peaks, decided to give an additional meaning to their challenging four-week expedition by raising funds for earthquake-stricken Nepal.

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Kriya: Empowerment through Action

Kriyā is UWC Mahindra College’s outdoor and adventure outreach initiative. Kriyā works with local young women on physical fitness, confidence building, and overcoming societal and self-imposed limitations in the outdoors. Hear from our student, Kaz, how gratifying it is to work with these women from the local community.

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Outdoor Education Program

Photo Courtesy: Felipe Gutierrez“UWC and Outdoor Education share a long and rich history in the work of Kurt Hahn, who emphasized the role of outdoor adventure in his Ten Principles of Expeditionary Learning. An expedition is a microcosm of our world, in that many of the important questions of our age – climate change, poverty,…

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Annapurna Circuit – Discovering New Limits

Photo Courtesy: Urszula Agnieszka Adamska 2014 has been the year of highest highs and lowest lows — I started it diving down to 26m, and ended it having risen up to above 5000m twice. Doing the Annapurna Circuit over winter break with 5 exceptional young people and 3 reassuringly present adults was a tremendous challenge and…

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Oxfam India Trailwalker – “Walking for Corporates and Maggi”

         Photo Courtesy: Jayden Rae At 5:15 am this morning, I thought I was in the midst of a nightmare when I opened my eyes to faces alight by candlelight. The floating heads threw stone-hard bread at me as I lay defenseless in bed. Strangely enough, I wasn’t as scared of these intruders as…

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Winter Trek Expedition in the Himalayas

 Ever wanted to go on an adventure trip to Annapurna Circuit? Here’s your chance to join the totally cool and exciting group of students and faculty from UWC Mahindra College! Sign up now for the Winter Trek Expedition in Annapurna Circuit in Nepal! Only 4 spots left! Last Date: 15 November, 2014  Dates of Travel:15th December…

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Community Outdoor Education Project

The UWC movement and Outdoor education share a common history, with Kurt Hahn using them both as tools to educate young people internationally and to provide them with the resources to effect change in their communities.

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Ladakh Expedition

In Summer 2014, 16 UWC students from 12 different countries, and 3 women’s empowerment participants from the Akshara – Seema initiative completed a 20 day expedition in Ladakh, to climb a peak over 6150m. The participants trained for four months before the expedition, and through that process the UWC Mahindra Outdoor Education Outreach and Engagement Program…