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Developing a New Curricula on Systems-Thinking

The mindset with which we perceive and interpret the world affects what we think and ultimately do. How we think about a challenge influences the design of our response and the ‘solutions’ we create. However, most secondary schooling practices reduce the complexity of the world to studying the individual parts of a problem, often overlooking…

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A Bridge To UWC: MUWCI’s Foundation Programme

Students from the MUWCI Foundation Programme who have gone on to study at all the 15 UWCs globally. The UWC Mahindra College Foundation Programme, a year-long residential course for Indian students from less represented backgrounds, puts into action the college’s motto of ‘Diversity Through Access’. It facilitates students from non-English- speaking backgrounds to acquire the…

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UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma: First Cohort

After months of planning and designing the curriculum and a rigorous selection process, UWC Mahindra College is ready with its first cohort of students who will graduate with the UWC Mahindra Project Based Diploma with Cambridge Pre-U. Take a look at their creative projects that mark the beginning of a tremendously enriching project based learning in the 21st century at MUWCI.

23rd Dec 2014 by admin,
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Project Based Diploma: An Overview

 Project Based Diploma – Concept, History and Vision The United World Colleges began as an educational experiment in which young people would be challenged and given a chance to show what more there was inside them. The first iteration of this challenge took shape in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB). The IB has served the movement…