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11th Aug 2015 by Maria Charles,
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UWC Launches $15 million Davis-UWC IMPACT Programme

UWC International announced a USD $15 million funding boost through a gift by American philanthropist, Shelby M.C. Davis. Under the program, charitable donations from alumni, parents and friends to the UWC institutions will be matched dollar for dollar, thereby doubling contributions. This is a fantastic opportunity to kick off the college’s first concerted fundraising drive around the #StepUp Campaign that aims to reconnect alumni and parents with UWCMC. Alumni can choose to designate their gift to support specific projects under three pillars of our Vision 2022.

18th May 2015 by admin,
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Our Alumnus, Urs Riggenbach – Social Entrepreneur

To live the UWC mission of a sustainable future is challenging, but Urs Riggenbach (UWCMC, Class of 2008) from Switzerland is determined to change the way we use technology to help build a sustainable future. He is diligently working to provide renewable energy access through GoSol.org – “a start-up developing and spreading a solar energy technology at both the industrial and artisan level.” Discover more about what he calls “solar entrepreneurship!”

31st Mar 2015 by admin,
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Our Alumnus Saim Saeed – Sub-editor at Express Tribune

Read Saim’s story of being a UWC student from Pakistan and how the experience at UWCMC contributed to his alternative perspective on cross-border issues and led to his pursuit of investigative journalism.

24th Mar 2015 by Maria Charles,
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Volunteer for Reunion 2015!

A message from the 2015 Reunion Organizers: Reunion is just about 4 months away. Are you ready for this view? Preparations are kicking off and we want class volunteers to be in charge of running the show with the Advancement Office’s support so we get the reunion we want! Please indicate a the ‘Committees’ you’d like to be part of…

12th Mar 2015 by Maria Charles,
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Call to Alumni: Get Involved in Selections 2015!

A message from our Admissions Office, which is facilitating the selections process for the UWC Committee of India from 3rd – 6th April 2015 at the college campus. Greetings from the hill! Theatre Season ended a couple of weeks ago, second years are getting ready to sit for their mock exams, Fire Service got a respite from…

18th Feb 2015 by admin,
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Our Alumna Orsolya Jeney – Director at Amnesty International, Hungary

“It’s been almost 15 years since I left the Hill. Although I have lived through many other important experiences, the two years I spent on the hill are still the best and most inspiring 2 years of my life. It was an extremely important part of my life that I can never share with anyone but the people of UWC Mahindra College.”

27th Jan 2015 by admin,
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Our Alumnus Akshay Purohit – Teach For India Fellow

Photo Courtesy: Akshay Purohit “My time at UWC Mahindra College remains the most cherished and impactful two years of my life. While I didn’t realise how much it could and had shaped me at the time, I today realise and appreciate the privilege of a UWC education. The diverse, thought provoking and challenging environment I experienced at…

23rd Dec 2014 by admin,
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Our Alumnus Arvinn E. Gadgil – Director of Partnerships and Policy, Norwegian Refugee Council

“Whenever I meet fellow UWC Mahindra College alumni, we talk about how the experience may have shaped us. These chats are always fun, enlightening and reassuring. It seems to me however, that whoever I talk with, we always come up with the same set of conclusions. First, the experience was intense, and it touched and…

14th Nov 2014 by admin,
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Meet our Alumnus – Dhaval Chadha, A Serial Entrepreneur

A graduate of UWCMC (Class of 2004), Dhaval is a serial entrepreneur having co-founded four different companies. He has more than 7 years of experience in strategy, business development and investment. Dhaval graduated from Harvard with a major in Social Studies and a certificate in Portuguese. He also holds a diploma from the Graduate Studies Program…

10th Oct 2014 by admin,
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Winter Trek Expedition in the Himalayas

 Ever wanted to go on an adventure trip to Annapurna Circuit? Here’s your chance to join the totally cool and exciting group of students and faculty from UWC Mahindra College! Sign up now for the Winter Trek Expedition in Annapurna Circuit in Nepal! Only 4 spots left! Last Date: 15 November, 2014  Dates of Travel:15th December…