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22nd Nov 2016 by Maria Charles,
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Volunteer for the 2019 Alumni Reunion

A message from the 2019 Reunion Organizers: Save the Date for Reunion for the Class of 1999! 2 – 4 August 2019. (All members of the class should have received an email invite. If not, please write to [email protected]) In preparation for this amazing weekend, we’d like to invite class volunteers to be in charge of…

17th Nov 2016 by Maria Charles,
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An Israeli Alumna’s Conscientious Objection to Conscription

Tamar Zeevi (center), a MUWCI alumna (Israel, ’15) declared her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army yesterday, for reasons of conscientious objection. Her story made news in various news blogs and journals.Update #1 (Nov 2016): Tamar and her co-objector have been sentenced to jail time after which they will be brought back for another hearing…

24th Apr 2016 by Maria Charles,
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Our April Fool

Remembering Saaniya Jairath, India, ’06  On March 12th, 2016, Saaniya Jairath, or Saanu to many of us, passed away after almost a yearlong battle with cancer. Saaniya graduated from UWC Mahindra College in 2006 and went on to study Economics at Carleton College graduating in 2010. While working at Ernst & Young in Minneapolis she completed…

1st Feb 2016 by admin,
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Meet Our Alumnus: Rahul Sharma

Nothing that I do today would have been possible without MUWCI. I am not the most stellar of students, and was going through the motions in the Indian school system. I got accepted to MUWCI, and started studying a wide variety of subjects and reading a lot more. While my academic brilliance didn’t (still hasn’t,…

13th Jan 2016 by admin,
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MUWCI Alumni: #KaiseHoSayHello

This year, we have got exciting things happening at MUWCI and we want our alumni on board! Check out this amazing video that our students created just for you and be a part of our new #KaiseHoSayHello campaign!

15th Dec 2015 by admin,
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Challenges of Sustaining IMPACT

UWCMC in its dreams and idealism, is sometimes vulnerable to what Chiamanda Adichie calls “the single story.” Indeed, stories around impact in communities around us do present a rosier picture than most would agree. Hear the story of Seema circle from Alisha, our alumna and Seema’s founder, to feel how she experienced the adrenalin of success followed by the possibility of failure.

7th Dec 2015 by admin,
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Meet Our Alumna – Anna Kurien, A Public Defender

When people are accused of crimes and are too poor to afford a lawyer, Anna represents them. She is an attorney at the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Office of the Public Defender. She says that UWC instilled in her a strong sense of personal and social responsibility and in her job she has found a way to use privilege to advocate for those on the margins of power.

11th Oct 2015 by admin,
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Upcoming Alumni Events

Check out events happening for UWC alumni organised by UWC schools, colleges, and national committees worldwide!

6th Oct 2015 by admin,
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Our Alumna, Jyotsna – Management Consultant (International Development)

Jyotsna (UWCMC, ’04) has been living the UWC mission by managing health-based projects focused on larger goals of economic growth and poverty alleviation in the international development sector. Read more to find out how.

26th Aug 2015 by admin,
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Call to All UWC Alumni: Be a Panelist for UWC India Selections – 2016 Entry

Do you want to reconnect with the infectious idealism that, for better or worse, defines UWC? Volunteer to participate in either the shortlisting committee or the interview panel.