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Call to All UWC Alumni: Be a Panelist for UWC India Selections – 2016 Entry

26th Aug 2015 by admin - , (0) Comment
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Do you want to reconnect with the infectious idealism that, for better or worse, defines UWC? Volunteer for either of the following two activities by replying briefly (1 paragraph) about why you’re interested & a short bio of your background & experiences so that we get put together an appropriately diverse selection committee.
Please send your replies to [email protected] titled “Panelist for UWC India Selections for 2016 Entry.”
Volunteers will have to commit for the entire period mentioned. 
(I) Shortlisting Committee (Tentatively: 10th & 11th October in Mumbai or MUWCI)
Read, discuss & shortlist paper applications for the selections stage. We would require selectors to be reading applications in-person in Mumbai or Pune. Expect to read about 40-50 applications per day & potentially conduct quick phone interviews for a few candidates. 
(II) Interview Panels (19 – 22 November at MUWCI)
Be part of the 3 to 4 member interview panels that form a crucial part of the UWC India selections process. Each panel will interview approximately 40 students each over the 4 days. 
For any questions, please contact Maria Charles, Head of Admissions, at [email protected] 


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