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Bikes and Bruises

5th May 2014 by Alisha Fredriksson - , (0) Comment


With bruised bums and throbbing thighs, we plunked ourselves down onto the forest floor. Our eyes, heavy and half-closed, scanned the surroundings but failed to recognize any of its features. We were lost and quite terribly so. I guess our judgment may have been impaired by exhaustion because choosing a path based on how “pathlike” it is, isn’t always the best idea. 

So the three Awkward Athletes, as dubbed by Arvin, ignored the combined protests of their bums, thighs, and eyes and decided to forge on. Somehow we managed to retrace our steps but how we wished we could have retraced time. Already well past 3am, we had been biking and hiking for 13 hours and still had a long way to go until another checkpoint. But somehow we found the right path and somehow we followed all of its little painted arrows down the steep and rocky mountain. Somehow we navigated around an eerily serene village, stamped our time cards, and fell fast asleep on a single mat within an isolated temple. 

With 60km down and another 50 to go, the Enduro3 Adventure Race had proven to be quite a challenge, but one that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe it was the prolonged sun exposure or the extra few scoops of electrolytes, but it was incredibly rewarding to explore just how far our mental and physical limits could stretch. Although most of the 21 MUWCI participants didn’t cross the finish line, we are proud of our efforts and of the bumpy lines we did carve along the way.

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