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Academics at MUWCI

5th May 2014 by Arnav Sibal - , (0) Comment


What I love about MUWCI is that its education system does not chew you up and spit you out as work and money-minded folks like most other schools do. It takes you in and teaches you to make happy. I know that phrase is grammatically incorrect (and interpret it as you will) but it makes you work for yourself and teaches you to make yourself and others around you happy. As its mission statement says, UWC works towards peace and a sustainable future. What are progress, life and work without happiness?

Coming from the Indian system, this system of teaching is refreshing. It isn’t like a teacher is standing at the board with a textbook and pointing out what he/she thinks about the topic or what the Board has outlined as the interpretations of the text. The classes are discussions. The teacher sits down with the students and asks us what we think about the text. There’s an inflow of opinions, numerous discussions and lots of questions, ideas and theories put forward. The teachers are brilliant. Each of my subjects I love and they’re made more interesting by my teachers. A better term for them would be mentors. They mentor us through the course and help us develop skills in the subjects we study. It isn’t read it, eat it and spit it out in the exams. It’s all about understanding and developing thought processes and trying to apply what we learn.

But learning isn’t confined to the classrooms of 7-12 students (Which is rather ideal because this allows for more interaction and focus from your mentor). With activities, random discussions with friends and schoolmates, Faculty Talks, Guest Speakers and Global Affairs and This is India sessions, there is so much more to learn outside the classroom. Teachers and students even chill sometimes over coffee, biscuits and the famed drink of MUWCI: chai. Teachers here are your friends. They’re always there to help you out, advise you and explain concepts you weren’t able to comprehend. Even your roommates, classmates, friends and second years are willing to help you out. Of course, they’re not at your disposal 24/7 because there is a lot of other things they have to attend to but they are there for you.

Learning at MUWCI is fun. Every class and every interaction is refreshing and instigates the mind. Of course, there are some topics that arise from time to time that can be incredibly boring but one thing is for sure.

Unlike other schools where you learn to memorise, here, you learn to learn.

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