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A Successful UWC Day of Action!

10th Oct 2014 by admin - , (0) Comment

UWC Day Report

Ever thought of a world without plastic? We at UWC Mahindra College took the challenge of removing trash including plastic from campus and surrounding areas on UWC Day of Action! During our Trash Clean-Up campaign, the entire community collected and segregated over 370 kilos of trash and recyclable materials.

Here’s the data including the amount of different types of trash we found!

Types of TrashQuantity
Plastic Bottles499
Plastic wrappers1887
Plastic bags717
Plastic pens36
Sanitary pads3
Cigarette buts35
Flip-flops/ shoes46
Nylon Rope63
Rubber objects36
Construction debris79
Drip pipes104
Aluminum cans53
Glass Bottles275
Metal tins39
Misc. plastics190
Glass/ Light Bulbs5
Nail polish bottle1
Medical waste6
Aluminum wrapper6
PVC pipes8
Tobacco wrapper11
Razor blades5
TOTAL (kg)378.2


Together, we pledged for a plastic-free campus by 2016! Here’s what we committed to:

We at UWC Mahindra College, recognise that plastics play an ever-increasing role in our life on Earth, but the ubiquitous and often unnecessary use of plastic is causing unprecedented health and environmental problems.

We at UWC Mahindra College pledge to reduce our consumption of non-biodegradable, plastic products and become a plastic free campus by December 2016.

We will do this by:

  • Educating ourselves on the issue of plastic pollution and understanding which plastic items contribute most to plastic pollution.
  • Quantifying and mapping our campus plastic footprint.
  • Devising a plan of action to reduce our consumption of plastics and management of plastic waste, prioritising actions towards the plastics that contribute most to pollution.
  • Monitoring our progress towards the action plan’s goals.
  • Constantly learning about improved and new technologies and approaches to recycling, reusing, and disposing of plastics.
  • Joining efforts with our neighbours in the Mulshi valley in support of a plastic free valley.
  • Taking action!

As an individual and a UWCMC community member, I pledge to be a responsible member of the community in my personal and professional use of plastic, to minimise the amount of plastic that I bring into our campus, and to be aware of the impact of the new plastic that I unavoidably will bring into campus having looked at every alternative option before doing so.

Our collective and personal actions will be founded in the principles of responsible waste management:

  •         Refuse –  Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Upcycle


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