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16th Feb 2016 by admin,
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Theatre Season 2016

Amazing plays directed by students and faculty on the hill.

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February 2016 News From The Hill: Learning in the 21st Century

See how we prepare our students for the 21st century through project-based academic learning, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and by providing alternate paths to graduation.

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Things MUWCI People Say and DO

In a tight-knit community like MUWCI, there always seem to be some things everyone is saying or doing. Here is a collection a few of the most common catch-phrases at the moment – teek hai?

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Meet Our Alumnus: Rahul Sharma

Nothing that I do today would have been possible without MUWCI. I am not the most stellar of students, and was going through the motions in the Indian school system. I got accepted to MUWCI, and started studying a wide variety of subjects and reading a lot more. While my academic brilliance didn’t (still hasn’t,…

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Meet Our Faculty: Nehal Chheda, Teacher of English/Head of Department

A passionate English teacher, the maker of delicious baked goods and an accomplished wildlife photographer, Nehal has spent almost ten years in high school education and continues to kindle fascination for and interest in English Literature in her students. Come see what gets her students to listen and speak with pleasure.