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Appointment of the new Deputy Head of College

3rd Oct 2019 by admin - , (0) Comment
UWC Mahindra is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Charlotte K. Blessing as the new Deputy Head of College. This announcement concludes a rigorous search steered by the Head of College, Soraya Sayed Hassen.
Charlotte brings with her close to two decades of experience of being an educator and also the very unique experience of having been a UWC parent! Having grown up in Denmark, and worked and traveled extensively in Europe, the US, Ghana and Tanzania, Charlotte brings with her the international mindedness and passion for intercultural exchange that MUWCI thrives on.

“Fundamentally, I believe that in a great school learning is the air students and adults breathes whether it’s in the classroom, on the playground, during a service learning trip, on a hike or while testing the water quality in the school water tank. The school is a community of learners where everybody explores, grows, supports, and respects each other.  My role as an educational leader is to foster a healthy, safe, challenging, reflective and fun institution, and to understand what each learner in my school cares about, dreams of and needs to thrive and succeed in and outside of school,” says Charlotte. Having spent little more than two months on campus Charlotte is already impressed with the representation of student voice at every possible level at MUWCI.

Charlotte assumes this position after having served as the Director of Global Education at the Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington for 8 years.

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