Alumni Community Platform

The UWC Alumni Community Platform Initiative (ACP) is an effort - driven by alumni in cooperation with UWC - to strengthen the UWC-wide alumni network. ACP seeks to create an online platform to help UWC alumni live the mission: to connect, support and activate our Global UWC Alumni network. A number of alumni and colleges individually have made great strides in one way or another: several apps have been created, experimented or dreamed of to better connect us to each other or simply to offer couches to needy travelers. However none has so far provide the reach and richness of a true Global UWC Alumni Platform, which is why a number of Alumni have teamed up with UWC to create one.

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UWC Connect is a social-networking platform by UWC people for UWC people. The site primarily offers UWC couchsurfing (being able to find and offer a place to stay globally). It also allows UWC alumni to browse and share UWC-related projects and organise in workgroups. The long term vision is to use the website as a communication platform to organise UWC reunions, and fund each others' projects, making the UWC network a powerful facilitator of change. also draws information from various UWC-related websites, acting as an aggregator for UWC news across the Internet.

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UWC Extranet

Created by UWC International with the specific purpose of uniting the movement, UWC Extranet is available to all UWC members who register. UWC members are UWC students, alumni, staff members, volunteers, former volunteers or former staff members.

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