There are many ways to get involved and contribute to the strategic direction of the college. We value your engagement in various processes that define the future of UWC Mahindra College. One way to contribute is by becoming an alumni participant in the Vision to Strategic Plan process. You can also give professional advice on a specific aspect of the Vision i.e., Admissions & Scholarships, Curriculum, Sustainability. Furthermore, we would love to see your involvement in strategically fundraising for the college and Akshara.

Our Vision is that in 2022…

UWC Mahindra College delivers an inspirational and life-changing educational experience that equips its intentionally diverse graduate body to grapple with the complexities of sustainability, peace and cultural empathy to become agents of change.

Vision Pillars

  1. Diversity Through Access: Access for all people, nations and cultures
  2. Experiential Project-Based Education: Learning by Doing and as Part of a Diverse Team
  3. A Sustainable Campus: Environmental Leadership in a Changing World
  4. An Office of Advancement: From Vision to Reality

Download Vision 2022 for more details and see how you can contribute to the strategic direction of the college.