There are many ways to give back to UWC Mahindra College. Each year, our alumni support the college not only financially, but also in kind through volunteering, skill-building workshops, conferences, guidance sessions with students.

This sections summarises the various ways in which you can support the college.You can contribute your skills and experience to institutional advancement and have a voice in the strategic direction of the college. Each year, we are working to expand and diversify our applicant pool, and what better way to promote the college than to let alumni speak on our behalf. You know what it’s like to live and learn at UWC, and your ambassadorship would be a great help in advancing the college and reaching out to people from diverse backgrounds. You can also help our current students and recent graduates by engaging in our mentorship programmes.

Please explore the possibilities of getting involved with the college in this section, and fill out the Step-Up Form to the right to express interest and indicate preferences!

We look forward to your engagement!