Being a traditional alumni event, reunions are a magical time for you to connect with your peers and the college. Most UWC schools and colleges organise a 10 year reunion for alumni, with some also organising 20, 30, and 40 year reunions.

Many of these reunions take place over a weekend during the summer holidays of the college and consist of a variety of activities including talks, dinners, and campus outdoor activities.

For Graduating class of 2005-2006, the alumni reunion is taking place in August 2015!

On-campus events will begin on 7th Fri and end 9th Sunday with departures upto 10th morning. We're also looking at a pre-reunion alumni travel group and/or hike to the Himalayas. To stay updated, join our facebook group here . Do subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch and stay informed about upcoming alumni news and events.