What is an alumni hub?

A networking space that would connect alumni living and working across different regions to come together and share insight, knowledge, and experience. Through this collaboration, our vision is to see alumni take collective action and create impact as a group, focusing on the areas of community service, community-building and networking, fundraising, and engaging with the college.

How can I lead an alumni hub?

Phase 1: Two or more alumni can definitely start an alumni hub in a local region. You would need meet and decide the short-term and long-term goals as a group, and take a collective call on the level of formality i.e. want to create bylaws and have elections, keep it informal.

What are the next steps after the core group is formed?

We have structured alumni engagement in local hubs in three phases:

Phase 1
Once the core group is formed, you as leaders can send an email to all alumni in your area and gather everyone for an initial informational event. This could revolve around a speaker (business person, social entrepreneur, politician, social activist, etc.), wine tasting, or something else that UWCMC alumni are interested in. Then the leaders of the alumni hub would introduce themselves and what the alumni hubs will be doing. Following that, you can see if any of the alumni would like to get involved in any of the four focus areas.

Phase 2
Continue running events once a month or once a quarter or so until a critical mass is reached. Once this happens, the group can start brainstorming fundraising causes and service projects. Then a leader of service and fundraising for UWCMC can be appointed or elected, and these people will lead the aforementioned efforts.

Phase 3
Once fundraising chairs/service chairs have been chosen and ideas have been created, then each leader should commence forming a plan for achieving each of these goals with all interested stakeholders. For example, the fundraising goal can include a target amount of money and what steps will be taken to get there i.e. fundraisers, email people regularly, etc. The service plans will be more varied, so it is difficult to give a sample plan for that. Continue running regular events while this planning is happening to keep everyone engaged.

Resources to help you start an alumni hub

In the future, the resources listed here would be more helpful if they were tailored to MUWCI’s brand values. However, for the time being, these sources as is will suffice to get people started should they need them.

http://alumnichannel.com/blog/how-to-create-an-alumni-association/ Tags: starting an alumni association, bylaws template, finance

http://www.slideshare.net/thealumniportal/basic-requirements-to-start-an-alumni-association-for-better-management Tags: starting an alumni association, bylaws template, finance

http://alumni.rice.edu/legacycontent/rg_handbook/started04.html Tags: events

http://alumni.berkeley.edu/community/alumni-chapters/manual Tags: starting an alumni association, bylaws template, events, finance, officer structure, email guidelines, social media

Core Team Officers and Individual Roles


Duties might include:

  • Presiding at all meetings of the hub board.
  • Representing the association in its dealings with other organizations or people outside the association.
  • Serving as the association’s liaison with the Outreach Team/Development Office


Vice President

Duties might include:

  • Performing the duties of President in his or her absence and assisting as needed.
  • Filling in for another officer if he/she can no longer fulfil his/her duties until a replacement is found



Duties might include:

  • Responsibility for all correspondence and recording of minutes of meetings, communicating them to each committee member
  • Preparing agendas for meetings in consultation with the President.
  • Ensuring that notices of meetings are sent to association members as required.



Duties might include:

  • Responsibility for the finances of the association, for maintaining accurate records and for preparing an annual statement of the association’s accounts.
  • Setting up systems to deal with the association’s finances.
  • Overseeing annual membership subscriptions if applicable in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.


Community Building Chair

Duties might include

  • Organize social and professional events surrounding speakers, artists, other luminaries the alumni are interested in seeing
  • Procure sponsorship and high quality venues for events


Service Chair

Duties might include:

  • Seek out ideas for charitable organizations that fit MUWCI values and alumni interests
  • Crowdsource service ideas from alumni base and assist in their realization


Engagement Chair

  • Be the primary contact for MUWCI and O2D committee
  • Hold an event for students entering MUWCI in the fall
  • Work with current students to spread awareness of MUWCI/UWC Movement/MUWCI summer programs
  • Organize internship programs with MUWCI alumni in the area and MUWCI students
  • Assist in recruitment of speakers to come to the MUWCI from his/her respective area



  • Work with outreach team to agree on fundraising goals for the respective alumni hub
  • Organize events, drives, and communication around fundraising goals